Dolco Packaging – The Leading U.S. Manufacturer of Foam Egg Packaging and Other Food Containers

Dolco Packaging is the leading manufacturer and supplier of foam polystyrene and PET food containers for the egg, agricultural, processors and food service end industries. With five plants located throughout the United States, we are the number one supplier of foam egg cartons to egg manufacturers in the United States.  We also produce mushroom tills, apple trays, pear trays and other packaging products. 

Our commitment to quality and innovation began in 1966 when we became the first foam manufacturing company in the United States to create perishable food cartons.  We are also committed to sustainability, and our effort has been recognized by the EPA, recycling organizations and environmental organizations.

Dolco Packaging is part of Tekni-Plex, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative packaging and tubing solutions for the world’s leading products.  

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